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I've made the change, have you?

I have trained all my life, from being in team sports when I was a youngster, right through to training 7 days/week so I could compete in fitness competitions and everything in between.

My love for training combined with having very sensitive skin and acne is far from an ideal mix. Ever since I started wearing makeup I knew that there was something missing, what I was putting on my face during my workouts was damaging my skin. I went on to try a wide range of different brands, and nothing worked how I wanted it to, or gave me the results I needed.

This is why I have created Fitcover Australia and our range of Active Cosmetics.

For fitness lovers, by fitness lovers.

100% Australian Owned and Made, No Preservatives, Water-ResistantSPF 15+, can actually BENEFIT for your skin and made from 100% Minerals! Wear it to the gym, swimming, running, or any time at all when you're smashing your goals during your busy life.

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"It so important to wear natural make up and skin care as we absorb anything we put on our skin into our body. Don't burden your body with more chemicals when you don't need to! Check out Fit cover, a uniquely Aussie brand that is designed for wearing whilst exercising!"

Kate Driver - Naturopath and women's health coach

"OMG! One of the biggest regrets of my life is not coming across Fitcover earlier!"

Steph Shaw

My flawless finish from @fitcoveraustralia ❤ Not only is it sweatproof/budgeproof at the gym, but it's perfect for day and night wear too! I pretty much wear it around the clock - natural and weightless with an airbrushed glow. Flaunting the TONED, my favourite ✅

IG @danidoll_26


Fitcover Active Cosmetics

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