About Us

nova jane and taj

Above is me and our amazing baby boy Taj. 4 months old here, just when we launched Fitcover!
Fitcover has been an idea of mine for many years, and I have finally found and launched the most amazingly perfect brand!

In 2008 i had an idea. I have always struggled with acne, the type acne that turns into cysts.. yep ouch. I have always been so self conscious of my skin, and constantly tried to not let people stand too close because they would see all my imperfections. It was borderline debilitating at times, how much my skin affected my life.

I have done some kind of sport and fitness my whole life and, if anything, my skin became worse from wearing the wrong products on my face while I trained.

So in 2008 i was in America, Sacramento to be exact, and I was sitting on a chair waiting for my girlfriend to finish her exam so that we could go out and party, and out of nowhere I had a question which turned into an idea.

Why isn't there a make-up out there made specifically for training and sweating?

Then, like we all do, I had an idea and then think "I wouldn't be able to do that, that would be too hard, I don't have the money, negative, negative, negative".
So I left it and put it in the "too hard" basket.

In 2014 the idea was eating at me and still nothing was out and I really needed something, and knew that if I had this problem, other people would too. My skin was still terrible, I was in my twenties and I could see it not getting any better with my thirties closing in quickly. So I started to look into pharmaceutical Scientists to try to make this actually happen. I was living in Melbourne at the time, and boy did I get SHUT DOWN. I got told left, right and centre, that the makeup industry would be too hard to break into and too expensive to start, which confirmed all my original negative thoughts, so I put the idea to the side yet again.

When ever my Fiancee Shane and I get together we love to brainstorm. We love our conversations about business and inventing new things, so I told him about my idea definitely not thinking that he would see the vision that I have, but he did. Because he's such an amazing, inspiring partner and best friend he pushed and pushed and pushed and made me investigate this further.... 

Fast forward to the 6th of October 2017 and we launched Fitcover Australia! I finally brought out my dream product! It is nothing short of amazing, something I not only need myself, but a lot of women would love to have their hands on. The feedback has been AMAZING!
Now, for those women that don't go to the gym because their excuse is "they know that wearing makeup wouldn't be helping there skin", or "I'm too self conscious to go to train with no makeup on", you can put those reasons behind you and go train!

I'm so excited! Not only do I have this perfect product to show to the world, but I am now able to build a platform to help motivate and inspire women, and anyone for that matter, to look after themselves, be healthy, be positive, be motivated and inspired to train.

massive thank you to my bestie, farther of my child, life partner Shane. You're like no other and how lucky I am to have someone so inspiring in my life, it blows my mind.

I'm so excited to be able to change two industries and demographics that I have so much passion for, for the better. I am looking forward to changing the face of fitness.. literally..

I've been involved with some sort of training my entire life, from training in team sports like LFL, to solo fitness competitions, and everything in between!

I saw this massive deficiency in the cosmetic industry where they were not catering for us girls that like to get sweaty. So I created it.

These are the reasons I have spent my most recent years coming up with the best brand I could possibly launch, and I have great pleasure in introducing you to my baby, Fitcover Australia.

nova jane